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Did You Chose the Right Contractor?

What Type of Contractor For An Environmental Cleanup?

In the state of California, there is only one type of contractor who is qualified by definition to perform an environmental cleanup. This is an "A" general (Engineering Contractor) with a HAZ certificate. The "A" general entitles the contractor to perform all of the underground and above-ground work essential to constructing a proper cleanup system and the HAZ rider entitles the contractor to handle the waste generated during the cleanup.

The "A" contractor has to take both the contractor’s law test (4 hours in the morning) and the Engineering Contractor’s test (4 hours in the afternoon) in order to be licensed. He or she must pass both sections of this test to practice. The HAZ certification is a four-hour exam administered in the afternoon session of the contractor’s exam sessions administered monthly in most locations.

Are Other Types of Contractors Eligible To Perform Cleanups

A review of contractor law indicates that other specialties may perform certain aspects of an environmental cleanup, but can only handle waste if they have a HAZ rider. The HAZ rider is only available to an "A" contractor. Also, it bears mentioning that there are only two classifications of general contractors "A" and "B". The "A" contractor builds engineered structures such as bridges, highways and dams, where the "B" contractor builds simple structures, such as homes. By, definition, a general contractor is one who organizes and utilizes three or more trades in the performance of his/her contract. Specialty contractors are not licensed to do this, but to only work within their specialty.

The simple answer to the question above is no. Even a "B" general is in violation if they handle waste. All other specialties are clearly in violation. What this means to the lawyer and client is that: if you want to be squeaky clean with your file, locate an "A" contractor with a HAZ certification to perform your cleanup.

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